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Adding Deck Stairs

Both straight and curved deck stairs are supported by Realtime Landscaping Pro. Deck stairs are easy to place and can wrap around multiple deck edges and corners if needed.

To add stairs to an existing deck:

1.   Click the Add Deck Stairs button that appears near the top of the screen, under the Building tab.

2.   Move your mouse over the edge of a deck in your landscape design where you would like to place stairs, and click to add the stairs to the deck. A brown line will help you to visualize where the steps will be placed before clicking.

deck stairs designs

To move existing stairs:

1.   Click the stairs to select them.

2.   Click the stairs again, but this time hold down the left mouse button as you move the mouse to reposition the stairs. Note that deck stairs cannot be moved to a different deck object.


      If you wish to place multiple sets of deck stairs, click on the Add Deck Stairs button, hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard, and then simply click once for each set of deck stairs you wish to add.

      Deck stairs placement can be difficult if grid snap is enabled because your deck stairs will move to the grid intersections as you attempt to add them. You can toggle the grid snapping off by pressing Ctrl + G on your keyboard. For more information, see Snap Settings.

      Deck stairs can be added only to decks that are already in your design; deck stairs can not be added to other objects.

      The material of the deck stairs will automatically match the material of the deck that they are attached to.

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