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Adding a Sprinkler Head

Sprinkler heads are the visible portion of a typical irrigation design; sprinkler heads emerge from the ground to shower the surrounding landscape with water at the angle and radius that you have selected. When your landscape design is complete, you can refer to the Project Material List for an accurate calculation of the amount of sprinkler heads that have been added to your design, as well as the length of sprinkler line used.

To add a sprinkler head:

1.   Click the Add Sprinkler Head button that appears near the top of the screen under the Water Features tab.

2.   Click on your design where you wish to place the sprinkler head. If you wish to add multiple sprinkler heads at once, hold the Ctrl key while clicking.

Note: Sprinkler heads can be added to your design before or after the sprinkler lines are in place.   

In the picture below, the landscape design features a basic irrigation system that is composed of sprinkler lines (the blue lines), and sprinkler heads (the black circles). See Adding a Sprinkler Line for another picture of this design shown from the Perspective view.

As shown in the irrigation design below, both the coverage angle and the radius of spray can also be adjusted per sprinkler head.

irrigation and sprinkler system design


      We recommend placing all objects associated with your irrigation design in a separate layer. This will allow you to show or hide the entire irrigation system at once. For details on layers, see Using Layers.

      Sprinkler heads will spray water during a Realtime Walkthrough by default. To disable the spray of a sprinkler head, uncheck the On during realtime walkthrough property.

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