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Setting Plant Growth

The Plant Growth dialog is used to age the plants in your landscape design in order to predict how the plants will grow over time. The plant growth can be set to any value between 0 and 20 years.

To set plant growth:

1.   Click Settings and Set Plant Growth.

2.   Move the Growth Amount slider to the desired age and then click the OK button.

landscaping software plant growth settings dialog

The picture below shows a landscape design with the plant growth set to 2 years and 3 years.

landscape design plant growth

The total age of each plant is the sum of the plant growth setting and the plant’s starting age. For example, if your landscape design has an existing Maple tree that is already 6 years old, and the plant growth is set to 4 years, then the Maple tree will be displayed at its approximate 10 year old size.

Note: The plant size is estimated based on plant growth formulas, the plant’s mature age, and the plant’s mature height. Since other factors influence growth, such as soil conditions and climate, it is recommended to contact your local nursery for more exact sizing information.