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Picture Properties

The properties used to modify a Picture object are located to the right of the screen when your picture is selected. These properties can either be adjusted right before adding the picture to your landscape or after it has been added. Below is a description of each available property in the order that they appear in the software.




The Picture property determines the type of image. To change the image, click the image that shows the current picture.

Picture options

The appearance of the picture can be modified by clicking the small button that appears to the right of the picture’s image.


The Width property determines the size of the picture from left to right. To adjust the picture’s width, move the Width slider or type a value in the text field.


The Height property determines how tall the picture is. To adjust the picture’s height, move the Height slider or type a value in the text field.


The Elevation property determines the distance of the picture from the ground. To change the elevation, move the Elevation slider or type a value in the text field.

Tilt angle

The Tilt angle property determines the picture’s angle to the ground. For example, a tilt angle of 90 degrees will cause the picture to lie flat, while an angle of 0 degrees will cause it to stand straight up. To change the tilt angle, move the Tilt angle slider or enter a value in the text field.

Flip horizontal

The Flip horizontal property determines whether the picture is inverted from left to right. To flip the picture horizontally, click the Flip horizontal checkbox.

Flip vertical

The Flip vertical property determines whether the picture is inverted from top to bottom. To flip the picture vertically, click the Flip vertical checkbox.

Scale evenly

The Scale evenly property determines if the picture is stretched or not when you adjust the width or height. If you want to simply enlarge the picture, then keep the Scale evenly option checked. If you want to stretch the picture in either direction, then uncheck the Scale evenly option.

Rotate to face viewer

The Rotate to face viewer property determines whether the picture automatically turns to face your view, regardless how of you look at it. To toggle automatic picture rotation, click the Rotate to face viewer checkbox.

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