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Grouping & Ungrouping Objects

It is sometimes useful to group multiple objects together to make them easier to select, move, and duplicate. For example, if you find a particular arrangement of flowers that go well with a certain planting pot, you can group all of the flowers and the pot together to make them easy to move and copy.

To group a set of objects:

1.   Click the objects you wish to group while holding the Shift key on your keyboard (to allow you to select more than one object).

2.   Click Edit and Group.

To ungroup a set of objects:

1.   Click the group you wish to modify to select it.

2.   Click Edit and Ungroup.

The picture below shows an example of five selected objects before they are grouped together.

landscape design group

In the picture below, the same five objects are combined into one group. They can now be selected and moved as a single object.

landscape design after grouping


      If necessary, groups can be “nested”, meaning that groups can contain other groups.

      If an object is within a group, it cannot be edited. A group must first be ungrouped before the objects inside can be edited normally.

      When placing prebuilt structures using the wizards, the objects are grouped for easier placement.

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