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Google Maps Import Wizard

Use the Google Maps Import Wizard to import a satellite picture of your property. You can then use it as a template for creating your design.

To import a picture from Google Maps:

1.   Click Tools and Google Maps Import Wizard.

2.   Click the Next button.

3.   Click Start Google Maps.

4.   Type the address of the property you want to import and click the Search button.

5.   Adjust the viewpoint using the mouse until the property fills the window. Click and drag to pan, and use the mouse wheel to zoom.

6.   Click the Specify Region button. A rectangle will appear surrounding the property.

7.   Click and drag the white circles and adjust the region to surround the area you want to import. (You can insert points by clicking and dragging the gray circles in between the white ones.)

8.   Click the Import button. The satellite picture will be downloaded to your computer.

9.   Click the Set File Name button and enter a file name for your picture.

10.  Click the Next button, and then click the Finish button to complete the wizard.

The map picture will be saved as an Overlay and automatically added to the center of your design.

Position, Size, and North Direction

The map overlay size is based on map data received from Google; however the size is approximate so be sure to verify all dimensions for accuracy. You can move and resize the overlay as desired.

By default, the overlay orientation is linked to the current angle of the Compass where 0 coincides with true north. To use a different angle, uncheck Use compass angle and then rotate the overlay as desired.


      If you want to adjust the region and import the map again, select the overlay and re-run the wizard. The wizard will restore the old region as a starting point.

      The wizard will copy your picture to the following directory:

\Users\user\Documents\ Realtime Landscaping Plus version\Custom Data\overlay\Custom\

In the above file path, replace user with your Windows user name, and version with the software version number.

      Once the picture has been imported, it can be edited using the Realtime Picture Editor. For more information, see Editing using the Realtime Picture Editor.

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