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Editing Materials

A large variety of materials are available in Realtime Landscaping Plus that allow you to customize accessories, houses, patios, and more.

To customize an accessory’s materials:

1.   Click the accessory you wish to modify to select it. Accessories are added by clicking the Add Accessory button that appears near the top of the screen under the Landscape tab.

2.   Click your right mouse button on the picture of the selected accessory that appears to the right of the screen. From the menu that appears, click the Edit Materials… option.

Note: these steps can also apply to other model-based objects such as doors, windows, and lights.

After clicking the Edit materials… option, the following dialog will appear:

3.   In the Materials column to the left of the dialog, click on the material you wish to change or alter.

4.   To the right of the dialog you will see a picture of the currently selected material. Click your left mouse button on this picture to change the material. Or, if you want to alter the current material, click the small button to the right of the picture and select the Edit Color and Brightness.

5.   If you would like to change the type of material, click the small button to the right of  the picture and select Picture or Solid Color.

6.   Repeat the steps above for each of the materials you wish to change.

7.   To reset the currently selected material to its default settings, click the Reset button underneath the picture. To reset all of the materials to their default settings, click the Reset All button. (If the buttons are disabled, then the materials are already set to their default settings.)

8.   When finished, click the OK button to save your changes and return to your landscape.

Note: The steps described above will affect only the currently selected object. If you wish to use your modified object again in the future, use the Model Creation Wizard.

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