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Deck Wizard

The Deck Wizard is a fast and easy way to include a pre-built deck in your landscape design. The decks available in the Deck Wizard come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles

Important: The Deck Wizard is a great way to get ideas for deck designs, and for understanding how the Deck tool works. However, when designing your landscape you will probably find it easier to design your deck from the ground up. For information, see Adding a Deck.

landscaping software deck wizard dialog

To add a deck using the deck wizard:

1.   Click Tools and Deck Wizard.

2.   Click the Next button.

3.   Click the picture of the default deck, select the deck you would like to use, and then click the Next button.

4.   Click the Finish button to add the deck to your landscape design.

After completing the Deck Wizard, Realtime Landscaping Plus will switch to the Top-Down view and place your new deck in the center of your design. You can now move the deck into the desired position, and rotate it into the ideal orientation. See Moving Objects and Rotating Objects for details.

The deck and deck stairs that are added by the wizard will be grouped together by default. In order to edit the deck you must first ungroup it by clicking the Ungroup button that appears to the right of the screen when the deck is selected. For more details, see Grouping and Ungrouping Objects.

landscaping design deck wizard


      Using the Deck Wizard will not delete any existing decks in your landscape design; your design can have as many deck objects as needed.

      To create your own deck instead of using the wizard, use the Add Deck and Deck Stairs tools.

      Pre-built houses (which also include decks) can be added separately using the House Wizard.

      If you wish to add a pre-built deck, house, and fence all at once, use the Landscape Wizard.

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