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Undoing & Redoing Changes


Realtime Landscaping Photo has a very powerful undo system, giving you the freedom to experiment and try new things. The number of undo levels is unlimited, so you can backtrack all the way up to the point where you last opened your landscape design. If you decide you want your changes after all, you can redo your changes as far as desired.

To undo the last change:

1.   Click Undo, or select Edit and click Undo, or press Ctrl+Z.

2.   Your last object or point editing action is changed.

3.   Repeat for each change you want to undo.

To redo the last undone change:

1.   Click Redo, or select Edit and click Redo, or press Ctrl+Shift+Z.

2.   Your last undone action is changed.

3.   Repeat for each undone change you want to redo.


      The Undo and Redo menu commands display a description of the action that will be undone or redone. In the example below, selecting Undo will undo a selection, and selecting Redo will redo a deletion.

      Undo and Redo information is not saved to disk, so don’t rely exclusively on these actions to save your changes. Instead, a good habit is to save your work periodically selecting File and clicking Save. You can also instruct Realtime Landscaping Photo to save your file automatically. See Program Settings for instructions on how to enable automatic file saving.