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Setting Plant Growth

This option lets you “look into the future” and predict how your plants will grow over time. Using the slider, you can adjust how much time has elapsed since your plants were planted, all the way up to 20 years in the future.

To set plant growth:

1.   Click Settings > Set Plant Growth.

2.   Set the desired growth amount and click OK.

plant growth setting in the software

The following examples show plant growth over a six year period.

plant growth over time

The age of a plant is the sum of the plant growth and the plant’s starting age. For example, suppose your landscape has an existing oak tree that is already 5 years old, and you set the plant growth to 6 years. The oak tree will be displayed at its approximate size after it is 11 years old.

Note: Plant growth will vary based on soil conditions, hardiness zones, species, and other factors. Consult your local nursery for more detailed information about specific plants you’re planning to use in your landscape design.