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Selecting Points


To move, rotate, or scale points, or to change point-specific properties, the points must first be selected. There are several ways points can be selected, depending on what you want to do.

Selecting Points

To select points one at a time:

1.   Position the cursor over the point.

2.   Click to select the point. All other points will be automatically deselected.

3.   If you want to select another point, repeat the above steps while pressing and holding Shift.

To select points using a selection rectangle:

1.   Pan and/or zoom out until the points you want to select are fully inside the view.

2.   Click and drag to draw the selection rectangle. The rectangle must fully surround the points you want to select. When you release the left mouse button, the points will be selected.

To select all points in the object:

1.   Select Edit > Select All.

2.   All points in the object will be selected.

Deselecting Points

To deselect points one at a time:

1.   Position the cursor over the point you want to deselect.

2.   Press and hold Shift.

3.   Click to deselect the point. Each time you click the point, its selection status will toggle on or off.

4.   Repeat for each point you want to deselect.

To deselect all points:

1.   Select Edit > Select None.

- OR -

1.   Position the cursor anywhere but over a point (the cursor will change to a small arrow).

2.   Click to deselect all points.

To undo any selection change, click Undo.

Unselected points are yellow; selected points are red. The edging in the following example has two selected points.

landscape edging

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