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Property Types

The following is a list of the various property types, along with descriptions of how they are used.




Picture or model

Picture or model used to determine the appearance of an object. To change the picture or model, click the image and select the desired one from the dialog that will appear.

Some materials have advanced options that you can edit by clicking the button to the right of the image. A menu will popup with your choices.


This property allows for a numeric value to be entered, either by dragging the blue ball or typing in a value manually. To manually enter a value, first place the cursor in the number entry box and then type the desired value.

For fine adjustments, you can use the plus and minus buttons that appear when you move the cursor over the slider.

When a numeric entry has the keyboard focus, press Tab to move the cursor to the next numeric property.


Allows a solid color to be set. To select the color, click the color swatch and a standard Windows color picker will appear.


landscape design edit points

The toggle button is used to switch modes. For example, here it is used to enable Edit Points mode. To turn the mode on, click the button (it will turn yellow). To turn the mode off, simply click the button again.


A checkbox is used for options that can be turned on or off. Click the checkbox to toggle the option.


This property is used when you have a number of items that you can choose from.


This property displays information about the object. It cannot be changed directly.

Advanced Options

landscape design options

The advanced options button gives you additional ways to edit the object. In this example, it is being used to edit a picture’s color and brightness.



landscape design curve types

When editing points, you can select which type of curve you want at each point.