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Model Import Wizard

The Model Import Wizard makes it easy to import models that you have downloaded from the Internet or created using a 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) program such as Google SketchUp.

Thousands of models can be downloaded for free from Google’s 3D Warehouse. Realtime Landscaping Photo can import these models directly. SketchUp (available for free from is not required unless you want to create your own custom 3D models.

The following file formats are supported:

      Google SketchUp (skp)

      AutoDesk 3D Studio (3ds)

add lawn furniture and more

To download a model from the Google 3D Warehouse:

1.   Find the model you want to download and click Download to Google SketchUp.

2.   You will be asked if you want to open or save the file. Click Save.

3.   Navigate to the directory where you want to save the file and click Save. This directory can be anywhere, such as your desktop.

4.   When the download is complete, click Close.

5.   Follow the steps below for importing a model.

To import a model:

1.   Select Tools > Model Import Wizard.

2.   Click Next.

3.   Select which type of model you want to import and click Next.

Note: To import a model of a plant, select Accessory. Realtime Landscaping Photo currently only supports extended information (such as botanical name, mature age, or mature size) for plant pictures, not 3D models.

4.   Navigate to the model you want to import and click Open.

5.   The model you selected will then be displayed. To select a different model, click the model and repeat the previous step.

6.   Click Next. The following dialog will be displayed:

pond bridge

7.   If needed, change the size and/or orientation of the model by entering the desired values. Then click Next.

8.   Click Next. Then click Finish to finish the wizard.

You can then place your newly imported model into your landscape using the type of object you selected in step 3. For example, if you selected Door, then you would use the Door tool to add your new door.

A new category, Custom, will appear in the Choose Artwork dialog after a model has been imported.

Modeling Guidelines

The following are some general guidelines for creating models:

      All meshes in the file must be triangles.

      Position the model at the origin, with the bottom at y=0.

      Size the model using 1 unit = 1 inch.

      Use texture filenames that are limited to 8 characters for the name, and 3 characters for the extension (8.3 format).

      Limit the number of vertices and polygons per mesh to 32000. (The entire model can have as many meshes as needed.)

The palm tree in the following landscape design was downloaded from the Google 3D warehouse ( and imported using the Model Import Wizard.

sketchup tree



      The model and all textures it uses will be copied. Therefore, if you make any changes to the model or its textures, you’ll need to re-run this wizard.

      You can edit the materials on your imported models. See Editing Materials for details.

      Once a model has been imported, you can easily add additional copies to your landscape design using the appropriate tool – you don’t have to import it each time. For example, if you imported a landscape light, then you would use the Add Landscape Light command to add the imported light.

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