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Inserting & Deleting Points

Some objects, such as fill regions and edging, allow points to be added or deleted as needed to obtain the desired shape.

To insert points:

1.   Click Edit Points to enable point editing (if needed).

2.   Press and hold Ctrl.

3.   Position cursor over the edge where you want to insert the point and left-click. A yellow dot will appear at the insertion point, and small cross will appear next to the arrow, as shown below:

grass and flower bed

4.   Repeat for each point you want to insert.

To delete points:

1.   Select the points you want to delete.

2.   Press Del.


      If you use the Delete command when no points are selected, then the entire object will be deleted.

      If you need more control over the shape you’re editing, you can insert additional points. You can also use the Bezier curve types, which give you more control over your shape than Spline curves (which are the default). See Editing Points for details.

      To undo the last insert or delete command, simply click Undo.

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