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Editing Materials

You can customize your accessories and landscape lights using the large variety of materials included with Realtime Landscaping Photo.

To customize an object’s materials:

1.   Select the object.

2.   Click the options button to the right of the material and click Edit Materials.

3.   The following dialog will appear:

4.   In the Materials column, click the name of the part with the material you want to change.

5.   Click the picture of the material to select a new one. Or, if you want to adjust the color and/or brightness of the current material, click the options button and click Edit Color and Brightness.

6.   If you want to use a solid color, click Solid color. Then click the color swatch and select the desired color.

7.   To reset the currently selected material to its default settings, click the Reset button underneath the picture. To reset all of the materials to their default settings, click the Reset All button. (If the buttons are disabled, then the materials are already set to their default settings.)

8.   Repeat the above steps as desired.

9.   Click OK.

The following example shows two gazebos. The one on the left uses the standard materials. The one on the right is the same except that the materials have been customized.

brown and white gazebos