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Edging Properties




The Material property determines what type of surface the edging will use. To change the material, click the small image that displays the current material.

Material options

The appearance of the edging can be modified by clicking the small button that appears to the right of the material image.

Material size

The Size property determines the scale of the edging material. For example, if the edging has a brick material, then the Size slider will adjust the size of each brick. Note that the Size slider has no effect on solid color materials.

Material angle

The Angle property determines the rotation angle of the edging material. Note that the Angle property has no effect on solid color materials. To change the edging material angle, move the Angle slider or type a value in the text field.


The Width property determines how thick the edging is. To change the edging width, move the Width slider or enter a value in the text field.


The Perspective property is used to adjust the simulated vanishing point. Use this to match the perspective of your background picture.


The Closed property determines whether the edging’s shape is open or closed. To change the state of the edging’s shape, click the Closed checkbox to toggle it.

Edit points

Click the Edit points button to enable or disable point editing mode, which will allow you to modify the edging’s shape. See Editing Points for details.


The Height property determines how tall the entire edging is. Alternately, if one or more points of the edging are selected, the Height slider can be moved to raise or lower individual points.

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