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Adding Text

You can add text to your landscape design using the Text object. This is useful for adding plant labels, notes, installation instructions, and other information.

To add text:

1.   Select Add Text.

2.   Click where you want to add the text.

3.   Click the text box in the property window:

4.   A dialog will then appear prompting you for the text. Enter the desired text and click OK.

5.   Set the text font, color, and other properties as desired. See Text Properties for details.

The following landscape design uses two Text objects, one to identify the client, and another for the designer.

personalized landscape design


      You can show and hide text by selecting View > Show/hide objects and selecting the Text option. See Showing & Hiding Objects for more information. 

      You can scale and rotate text as desired. See Text Properties for more information.

      Text always renders on top of all other objects, so you don’t need to set the rendering order.

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