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Zooming the View

To zoom the plan or perspective view:

1.   Click the Zoom button that is found to the left of the screen.

2.   Position your mouse cursor inside the landscape design and then hold down the left mouse button. Move the mouse up to zoom out, or down to zoom in. When finished, release the left mouse button.

Zooming will move your view closer to, or father away from what you are currently looking at. For example, you could zoom in on a single plant, or zoom out to view your entire design.

Mouse Shortcut:  Using only your mouse, there are two other ways to zoom that will save you time. If your mouse has a wheel, simple roll the wheel up or down to zoom. The other method is to hold down both the left and right mouse buttons while moving the mouse up or down. Either mouse shortcut is faster and more efficient than selecting the Zoom button every time you need to zoom your view.

The mouse cursor automatically jumps to the other side of the screen when it reaches the side of the viewport, making it easy to zoom large distances.


      The zoom direction can be reversed by changing the Reverse mouse zoom direction option in Program Settings.

      You can optionally zoom into the current mouse position rather than the center of the screen. See Program Settings for details.

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