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Starting a New Design using a Template

Templates are available for drawing sizes of A0 through A4, and include title blocks which you can change as desired.

To start a new design using a template:

1.   Start Realtime Landscaping Architect by clicking the icon on your Windows desktop. When the Welcome Menu appears, click Open a Sample Landscape. (If the Welcome Menu does not appear, click File and Open Sample.)

2.   Select one of the landscape files named Landscape Template, and then click the Open button.

3.   Click File and Save As to save your file using the name of your choice.

4.   Edit the template’s title block to reflect your project and company. Title blocks are designed using Plan Detail objects which you can customize as desired.


      The size of your drawing can be changed at any time by clicking File and Page Setup.

      The Lot Boundary object can be used to designate a property line. For details, see Adding a Lot Boundary.