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Linear Dimension Properties

The properties used to modify a Dimension object are located to the right of the screen when your dimension is selected. These properties can either be adjusted right before adding the dimension to your landscape or after it has been added. Below is a description of each available property in the order that they appear in the software.



Arrow style

The Arrow style property determines what shape of arrow to use for the endpoints of the dimension. To change the arrow shape, click the Arrow style drop-down menu.

Arrow size

The Arrow size property determines how large both endpoint arrows are. To change the size of the arrows, move the Arrow size slider or enter a value in the text field.

Line Style

The Line Style property determines the appearance of the dimension line. To change the line style, click the Line Style button and select the style you wish to use from the dialog that appears.

Edit points

Click the Edit points button to enable or disable point editing mode, which will allow you to modify the dimension’s endpoints. See Editing Points for details.





The Text property determines what appears within the dimension. By default, the dimension will only display the measurement, but additional text can be placed if needed. To change the text, click the small button that appears to the right of the current text.

The symbols “<>” indicate where the measurement should be displayed. For example, if a 10 foot dimension was added to a landscape design, and the text was “Spa width - <>”, then the text displayed in the dimension line would be “Spa width – 10’”.


Selects which units are used for displaying the measurement.


The Font property determines style of lettering that the dimension will use. To change the font, click the drop-down menu and select the font of your choice. Any TrueType font that is installed on your computer can be used.


The Alignment property determines where the text is placed in relation to the dimension line. To change the alignment, click on the drop-down menu and select the text alignment you would like to use.


The Offset property determines the distance of the text from the center of the dimension. For example, an offset value of -100 will slide the text to the left of the line, and an offset value of 0 will center the text. To change the location of the text, move the Offset slider or enter a value in the text field.


The Height property determines the size of each letter of text. For example, if the Height is set to four feet, then a capital letter will be approximately four feet from bottom to top. The height will vary slightly based on the Font. To change the text height, move the Height slider or enter a value in the text field.


The Color property determines the text color. To change the text color, click the small color swatch that displays the current color.

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