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Landscape Wizard

The Landscape Wizard is an easy way to create a basic landscape design using pre-built objects. The objects added through the landscape wizard include a pond, fence, and a house with a deck. The pond and fence are optional.

Important: The Landscape Wizard is a great way to get ideas for landscape designs and for understanding how the different object tools work. However, when designing your landscape you will probably find it easier to design each major object from the ground up. For information, see Adding Objects.

landscaping software landscape wizard dialog

To use the landscape wizard:

1.   Unlike the other wizards, the Landscape Wizard will delete your existing landscape in order to generate a new design. Because of this, be sure to save your landscape by clicking File and Save.

2.   Click Tools and Landscape Wizard.

3.   Click the Next button.

4.   Select the desired width and length of your lot, which determines the dimensions of a fence that will be automatically placed around your property, and then click the Next button.

5.   Click the picture of the house that appears, select the sample house that you would like to use, and then click the Next button.

6.   Click the picture of the pond that appears, select the sample pond you would like to use, and then click the Next button. If you do not wish to add a pond, click the Do not add a pond checkbox.

7.   Click the picture of the fence that appears, select the fence style you would like to use, and then click the Next button. If you do not wish to add a fence, click the Do not add a fence checkbox.

8.   On the graphic that appears, move each landscape element to the desired position by clicking and holding the left mouse button and moving the mouse. When finished, click the Next button.

9.   Click the Finish button to create your landscape.

Your landscape is now ready for editing. New landscaping objects can be added, and existing objects can be edited. Switch between the Plan view and the Perspective view to see your landscape from different viewpoints, or enter the Realtime Walkthrough to walk through your landscape realistically.

Important: The above steps walked you through creating a landscape using the Landscape Wizard, the purpose of which is to allow you to quickly design a landscape using pre-built objects. The landscape that is created using the wizard can be a great learning tool, but is not meant to closely match your design ideas. For a custom design, click File and New, or select Start a New Landscape from the Welcome Menu when Realtime Landscaping Architect first starts. Next, add your objects as needed, designing them exactly as you envision them.

After using the Landscape Wizard, we recommend you review the following topics to become more familiar with Realtime Landscaping Architect’s features:

Adjusting the View
Adding Objects
Editing Objects
Editing Points
Adding a Lot Boundary

The picture below shows a landscape design that was added using the Landscape Wizard and then improved using a wide variety of landscaping tools.

landscaping design landscape wizard


      The pre-built house and pond added by the wizard are grouped by default, but can be ungrouped to become fully editable.

      Pre-built houses can be added separately using the House Wizard.

      Pre-built ponds can be added separately using the Pond Wizard.

      The fence that the wizard adds around the perimeter of your lot is rectangular by default, but can be changed to any size and shape after the wizard is completed.

      To create a new fence, use the Fence and Gate tools. Individual fence sections can also be added using the Accessory tool.

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