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Inserting & Deleting Points

landscape design insert delete points

Points can be inserted and deleted as needed to obtain the desired shape.

When editing the points of an object, additional points can easily be added as needed. Points can also be deleted from the object to simplify the shape.

Before points can be added or deleted from an object, the Edit Points button must be pressed to turn on point editing mode. See Editing Points for more information.

To insert points:

1.   Click the Insert points button that appears under the Edit Points button.

2.   Move your mouse over the edge of the shape that you would like to add a point to, and then click the left mouse button.

landscape design insert a point

To delete points:

1.   Click the point you wish to delete to select it.

2.   Click the Delete points button, found to the right of the Insert points button.


      If no points are selected and you press the Delete key on your keyboard, the entire object will be removed from your design.

      It is recommended to use Bezier points whenever possible, as they provide a greater level of control than dozens of other points. It is best to use as few points as possible when creating your shapes simply to keep them easy to edit. See Editing Points for details on Bezier curves.

      If you wish to undo the last inserted or deleted point, simply click the Undo button, or press Ctrl + Z on your keyboard.

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