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Exporting the Viewport to a File

The Export Viewport to File command is used to save the contents of your current view as a JPG, PDF, BMP, TGA, or PNG. After the view is saved in a common image format, it can be e-mailed, edited in a paint program, added to a website, or sent to a print shop.

Note: For e-mailing an image of your view, it is best to use the JPG format. The Page Setup settings are not used when saving the viewport to a file, because the viewport is saved as it is seen on the screen.

To export the viewport to a file:

1.   Adjust the view as needed so that what you wish to save is displayed on your screen. For instructions, see Adjusting the View.

2.   Click File and Export Viewport to File.

3.   Select the location for your new image and type a file name.

4.   Click the Save as type: drop-down menu and select a file type.

5.   Click the Save button. The following dialog will appear:

landscaping software render to file dialog

File name
The File name option determines the name and location of the new image. To change the file name or location, click the small button that appears to the right of the current file name.

The Resolution option determines the size of the new image. Higher resolutions will produce larger and higher quality files.

Render quality
The Render quality option determines how clear the saved image will appear. It is recommended to always use a High render quality unless creating quick test images.

6.   Select the desired render quality and resolution, then click the OK button.

A picture of your viewport will now be saved to the file name and location specified.

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