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Exporting the Plan View to a File

The Export Plan to File command is used to save the Plan view of your entire landscape design as a JPG, PDF, BMP, TGA, or PNG file. After the Plan view is saved in a common image format, it can be e-mailed, edited in a paint program, added to a website, or sent to a print shop.

Note: If you want to send the file to someone in an email, then the JPG format will produce the smallest file. However, if you want to send the file to a print shop, then use the PDF format since it has the highest quality and resolution.

To print the plan view to file:

1.   Click File and Export Plan to File.

2.   Select the location for your new image and type a file name.

3.   Click the Save as type: drop-down menu and select a file type.

4.   Click the Save button.

A picture of your Plan view will now be saved to the file name and location specified.

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