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Entering Angle and Distance

When adding the points to draw a new shape-based object, the Enter key can be pressed to manually enter the angle and distance relative to the last point placed. The angle can be input either as degrees or as a survey bearing. Survey bearings are useful when adding property lines.

landscaping software enter angle and distance dialog

Entering Angles
Click the Angle option to enter the angle of the next point in degrees. Refer to the picture to the right of the dialog when entering degrees. Degrees do not depend on the compass angle.

Entering Survey Bearings
Click the Survey bearing option to enter the bearing of the next point in the following format: Direction Degrees Minutes Seconds Direction. The minutes and seconds are optional. When entering survey bearings, the angle of the compass is relevant. Following are some survey bearing examples:



N 45 30 E

45.5 degrees

N 90 E

0 degrees

S 45 E

315 degrees

N 45 W

135 degrees

N 90 W

180 degrees

S 45 W

225 degrees

The Distance field determines the space between the previous point and the next in feet or meters.