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Embedded Object Properties

The properties used to modify an embedded object are located to the right of the screen when your object is selected. Only some of these properties can be adjusted right before adding the embedded object to your landscape, but all of the properties can be adjusted after it has been added. Below is a description of each available property in the order that they appear in the software.




The Width property determines the size of the embedded object from left to right. To adjust the object width, move the Width slider or type a value in the text field.


The Height property determines the size of the embedded object from top to bottom. To adjust the object height, move the Height slider or type a value in the text field.


The Angle property determines the rotation of the embedded object in degrees. To change the object angle, move the Angle slider or enter a value in the text field.


The Transparency property determines the opacity of the embedded object. To change the object opacity, move the Transparency slider or type a value in the text field.

Scale evenly

The Scale evenly property determines if the embedded object is stretched or not when you adjust the width or height. If you wish to simply enlarge the object, then keep the Scale evenly option checked. If you wish to stretch the object in any direction, then uncheck the Scale evenly option.

Transparent background

The Transparent background property determines if the white portions of the embedded object are made transparent. For example, the background of a text document is typically white, and could be eliminated entirely. To delete the white background of an embedded object, click the Transparent background checkbox.

Line Style

The Line Style property determines the appearance of the embedded object’s boundary box. To change the line style, click the Line Style button and select the style you wish to use from the dialog that appears.


Click the Edit button to edit the embedded object in place.

Note: If the program used to originally create the embedded object does not support in-place editing, then the program will be opened in a separate window.


Click the Open button to edit the embedded object in a separate window using the program that the object is associated with.

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