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Editing Objects

Many intuitive tools are available to select and edit objects in your landscape designs.

Selecting Objects – Before an object can be modified, it must first be selected. A single object can be selected simply by clicking it, while selecting multiple objects at once can be done in several different ways.

Setting Object Properties – Object settings are called properties, which appear to the right of the screen when an object is selected.

Moving Objects – Objects can be easily moved from one part of your landscape design to another. To move a selected object, click and hold the left mouse button while moving the mouse.

Rotating Objects – To rotate a selected object, click and drag the green dot at the top of the selection rectangle. This is easiest to do in the Plan view. You can also select and rotate objects using the Rotate tool.

Scaling Objects – To scale a selected object, click and drag the green square at the top-right of the selection rectangle. This is easiest to do in the Plan view. You can also select and scale objects using the Scale tool.

Offsetting Objects – Using the Offset tool, you can expand or contract an object’s shape while keeping its contour intact.

Mirroring Objects – Any object or group of objects can be inverted in any direction using the Mirror tool. Additionally, you can also mirror your entire landscape design.

Aligning Objects – Using the Align tools, you can orient multiple objects along a line or distributed them across an area.

Cut, Copy, and Paste – The standard Windows clipboard commands are supported, including Cut, Copy, and Paste.

Deleting Objects – Any object or group of objects in your landscape design can be easily deleted by pressing the Del key on your keyboard or by clicking Edit and Delete.

Grouping and Ungrouping Objects – Multiple objects can be grouped together for organizational purposes. To group several selected objects, click Edit and Group.

Undoing and Redoing changes – Undo and Redo are unlimited, meaning you can undo and redo changes as many times as needed, up until the time when you last opened your design. However, changes cannot be undone once you close your design and reopen it.

Showing and Hiding Objects – It can be very useful to hide a certain type of object, or even a whole class of objects. For example, plants could be hidden while designing a swimming pool.

Editing Points – Shape-based objects, such as Regions, Decks, and Swimming Pools, can be changed as needed by editing the points that define the object’s shape.