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Editing Object Points

Many objects in Realtime Landscaping Architect are defined by an outline called a shape. Some examples of shape-based objects include Regions, Swimming Pools, Decks, Retaining Walls, and Rock Borders. Shape-based objects can be modified as needed by editing the points that define their shape.

Some shape-based objects have properties associated with each point. For example, a retaining wall can be given a different height at each point, allowing for sloping or stepped walls.

Editing Points – Click the Edit Points button to enable point editing mode, or press the E key on your keyboard.

Selecting Points – One or more points of an object must be selected before they can be moved or deleted.

Moving Points – The points of an object can be freely moved as needed.

Rotating Points – Multiple points of an object can be rotated with respect to each other.

Inserting and Deleting Points – New points can be inserted on an object, and existing points can be deleted.

Rounding Corners – Sharp corners of an object can be rounded (filleted).

Beveling Corners – Sharp corners of an object can be beveled (chamfered).