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Adjusting the View

Learning how to adjust the view is an important first step to learning Realtime Landscaping Architect. Once you become comfortable with adjusting the view in both 2D and 3D modes, your design speed will increase substantially, not to mention your enjoyment of the software.

Plan view – The Plan view provides a top-down, 2D view of your landscape design. The Plan view is most useful for adding and editing objects, adding title blocks, listing planting details, and so forth.

Perspective view – The Perspective view provides a 3D view of your landscape design, allowing you to view the landscaping elements from any angle. This view is best for viewing a realistic view of your design.

Realtime Walkthrough – The Realtime Walkthrough allows you to walk through your landscape in 3D, providing shadows, accurate lighting, realistic water, and many other effects. You cannot edit your design in this view.


      You can design in both Plan and 3D views, and switch back and forth as desired.

      When you add an object to the 3D view, it will automatically appear in the Plan view, and vice-versa. (With the exception of objects on the Plan Detail tab, which only appear in the Plan view.)