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Adding Pool Water

The Pool Water object is used to add standalone pool water. It is useful for designing custom swimming pools and spas with features that cannot be created using the standard Pool object. It can also be used to design custom ponds and other water features.

To add pool water:

1.   Click the Add Pool Water button that is found near the top of the screen under the Swimming Pool tab.

2.   Draw the outline of the pool water by clicking the left mouse button to add points. Press the Backspace key to remove the last point added, and press the Esc key to cancel. If you would like to input the distance and angle manually, place at least one point and then press the Enter key.

3.   To finish drawing the pool water, place the last point on top of the first point. Alternately, right-click to place the last point.

In the custom spa shown below, the stepped walls were created  using the Retaining Wall object. Another retaining wall was used for the pool seat. A Pool Water object was then placed inside.


      When you have finished building your custom water feature, you can use the Group command to combine them into a single object that is easier to select and move.

      Pool water can also be used to create custom ponds. However, fish will not appear during a Realtime Walkthrough.

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