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Adding a Sprinkler Line

Realtime Landscaping Architect includes sprinkler lines, sprinkler heads, and many symbols for designing irrigation systems, which are automatically added to the Project Material List. Because these irrigation tools are versatile, nearly any type of irrigation design is supported, including drip irrigation.

To add a sprinkler line:

1.   Click the Add Sprinkler Line button found near the top of the screen under the Water Features tab.

2.   Draw the sprinkler line by clicking the left mouse button to add points. Press the Backspace key to remove the last point added, or press the Esc key to cancel. If you would like to input the distance and angle manually, place at least one point and then press the Enter key.

3.   To finish drawing the sprinkler line, right-click to place the last point.

Irrigation designs can be created in either the Plan view or the Perspective view, but it is recommended to use the Plan view in order to gain access to the irrigation symbols that are provided within the Symbol library.

In the picture below, the landscape design features a basic irrigation system that is composed of a sprinkler lines and sprinkler heads. See Adding a Sprinkler Head for another picture of this design shown from the Plan view.

Designing with Irrigation Symbols

Sprinkler lines and heads compose the primary structure of an irrigation system, but there are many symbols that can be used to depict the locations of important objects, such as control valves, the point of connection, and backflow prevention assemblies. For details on adding symbols to the Plan view, see Adding a Symbol.

Landscape irrigation design symbols


      Sprinkler lines can be curved or straight, depending on the needs of the irrigation system.

      Because sprinkler lines depict underground piping, they do not appear during Realtime Walkthroughs. However, sprinkler heads do appear during walkthroughs and spray water realistically.

      It is recommended to place all objects associated with your irrigation design within a separate layer. This will allow you to show or hide the entire irrigation system at once. For details on layers, see Using Layers.

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