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Adding a Road Accessory

The Road Accessory object is used to add detailed stand-alone objects to your landscape design, such as cars, street signs, bicycles, fire hydrants, speed bumps, and more.

To add a road accessory:

1.   Click the Add Road Accessory button that appears near the top of the screen under the Road tab.

2.   Click the picture of the default road accessory that appears to the right of the screen, and then select the accessory you would like to use.

3.   Click on your design where you wish to place the road accessory.

In the landscape design below, the Road Accessory object was used to add the cars, bike, and fire hydrant.

landscaping software road accessory

Using Pre-built Road Pieces

A variety of pre-built road pieces are available in the Road Accessories library. These pieces may be used instead of the freeform Road object, but they cannot be freely modified, do not conform to uneven terrain, or given a Curb Ramp. The advantage of using pre-built pieces is the ability to instantly drop in complex road sections, such as bends, intersections, and even cul-de-sacs.


      Additional accessories are available under the Landscape tab. See Adding an Accessory for details.

      The materials of each road accessory can be modified as needed by right-clicking the thumbnail image of the selected accessory.

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