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Adding a Pool Accessory

A large variety of pool accessories are included in Realtime Landscaping Architect that can be used to add objects to your pool design such as waterslides, pool toys, ladders, diving boards, handrails, and more.

To add a pool accessory:

1.   Click the Add Pool Accessory button that appears near the top of the screen under the Swimming Pool tab.

2.   Click the picture of the default pool accessory that appears to the right of the screen, and then select the accessory you would like to use.

3.   Click on your design where you wish to place the pool accessory.

In the swimming pool design shown below, the pool slide, beach ball, and handrail were all added using the Pool Accessory object.


      The Pool Accessory object is similar to the Accessory object that is found under the Landscape tab. These two types of accessories can be used interchangeably.

      Pool accessories can be difficult to place if grid snap is enabled. You can toggle the grid snapping off by pressing Ctrl + G on your keyboard. For more information, see Snap Settings.

      Pool accessories can be rotated and scaled as necessary. For more information, see Scaling Objects and Rotating Objects.

      The materials of a pool accessory can be customized as needed. For details, see Editing Materials.

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