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Adding a Curb Ramp

The Curb Ramp object is used to add a ramp to both curbs and sidewalks. Ramps can be sized to the necessary width, making them ideal for both driveway and sidewalk ramps.

To add a curb ramp:

1.   Ensure that your landscape design contains a curb or sidewalk.

2.   Click the Add Curb Ramp button that appears near the top of the screen under the Road tab.

3.   Hover your mouse cursor over the curb or sidewalk you wish to add a ramp to and you will notice a blue line indicating where the ramp will be positioned. Click the left mouse button to add the ramp.

The picture below shows an example of a street design with a ramped sidewalk.

landscaping software curb ramp


      Curb ramps can be added to Road objects, Sidewalk objects, and Curb objects.

      Once a curb ramp has been added, it can be moved and widened as needed.

      If no curbs or sidewalks are currently in your landscape design, then a curb ramp cannot be added.

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